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My Fortnite Battle Royale Settings/Keybinds

If you're reading this, you're either myself or you have some werid addiction to Fortnite and want to check out my bindings to see if you can optimize your own. I'll be updating this post every time I change my settings just in case Epic craps its pants and forgets, or I make a new account and want to have the same setup.

Custom Settings

Prop Value
Mouse Sensitivity .10
Mouse ADS Sensitivity .75
Mouse Scope Sensitivity .65

Custom Bindings

Prop Value
Crouch Left Alt
Reload V
Use C
Weapon Slot 1 T
Weapon Slot 2 G
Weapon Slot 3 F
Weapon Slot 4 E
Weapon Slot 5 R
Toggle Pick Axe Q
Previous Picker Wheel Down
Next Picker Wheel Up
Wall 2
Floor 4
Stairs 3
Vehicle Exit Semicolon
Roof 1
Repair/Upgrade X
Rotate Building V
Revive Teammate Slash (/)
Trap Picker 0
Cursor Mode Left Ctrl
Emote U
Push To Talk Z
Building Edit `

Mouse Bindings

Logitech G502