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The 14-Point Checklist Every React Native Developer Needs In Their Toolkit

React Native has caught a lot of hype recently, yet the ecosystem still sort of a wild-west when it comes to tooling decisions (as with all things JavaScript). If you’re just getting started with RN, or you are experienced and are about to start a new project, here are the tools I recommend that you add to your React Native repertoire:

  1. Flow — what if your code could test itself? 🤔
  2. ESLint w/universal config — code quality is 👑
  3. React Navigation — the blessed React Native navigation solution 🙏
  4. Reactotron — a streamlined de🐛ger for React and React Native apps
  5. Prettier — never worry about code formatting again 🙅
  6. Sentry — catch error reports before they end up in your app reviews 🥅
  7. GitLab — free private git repos if you don’t have the 💸 to drop on GitHub
  8. Custom fonts — Ro🅱️oto gets old over time, ya know
  9. CodePush — push bugfixes on the fly without waiting ages 👴 for app store approval
  10. styled-components — “Use the best bits of ES6 and CSS to style your apps without stress 💅”
  11. MobX — stupid-easy state management 🗃
  12. Reactiflux — react-* dev community. give some help, receive some help 🤝
  13. Figma — Sketch X Google Docs == super easy UI design ✍️
  14. Expo — prototype apps quickly, using new APIs like Apple Pay and fingerprint sensors 💎

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